Wednesday, April 21

At last I am Marathon Training

Dudes, a quick update..

I have finally moved from the comfort of the shorter races
- my bread and butter
over the past 2 years. Now that I have had nearly a year
injury free I have taken the opportunity to have a go at
the Marathon. I am entering the Cork Marathon boye!

So, I am about half way through the runners world advanced
program I got online
and I have been doing ok at the training - but some of it
is tough.
I am training on the target of marathon Pace of 7 min /miles.

I reckon a realistic target would be between 3hrs and 3.20 but
I really don`t know yet..
Training is 5 days a week and the long run last week was 20 miles
- new territory for went ok , one or 2 hard miles but things
picked up again and I finished at 8.15 in mile average.
Average weekly mileage is now around 45-50 miles
It is the Tuesday/Thursday speed/interval/tempo runs that are really
tough, a typical Thursday is :
3 miles at 7min pace
4-6 800s at 3.10 min
3 miles at 6.35 pace

Achilles flares up now and again but hopefully I have it under control.
Fair play to the Connemara Ultras - impressive stuff!
Good luck on the comeback jogs Bricey,
I will update soon on my targets if I ever decide on instinct is
to maybe target 3.15/3.20 and push hard if I am feeling ok