Thursday, August 5

Another 5k - Novartis 5k Race Ringaskiddy . 4th Aug.

Athough I am on the running scene for over 3 years now I still have a bit to learn on racing strategy and pacing etc. This 5k went a little better than last week`s and I was fairly happy - though the 2nd mile split was again poor. Maybe I am going off too fast..

Anyways this was my first time on the start line at the Novartis 5k in Ringaskiddy so I did a 2 mile warm up followed by some stretches and then some 3/4 sprints. I went from the finish line out to the 2 mile mark and back so I could see for myself the hill at the finish and where I should kick for home.

Off we go and I set off like a half scalded cat in the top 20 or so.
The field thins out and I end up running alongside some tall,
unstylish dude whose elbows are all over the place. There is a group
of 4 a few metres ahead so I push a bit more and I tag onto this group.
We pass the first mile in 5.40 (slightly downhill).

We are now racing uphill past the Pfizer Plant and this will continue untill we turn left to head for Shanagarry.
2 Runners come past but I say where I am as I am working hard - I
guess that if I stick with this group of 3 (one guy drops back - breathing hard) I will get over the uphill mile and can really push the last mile.
We turn left and hit the 2 mile marker in 12.00.
This comes as a shock to me - I guessed it would be 11.40 ish..
The group of 3 I was racing with were not going as fast as I thought, I should have pushed on harder..still I am racing well and I feel better that last week so lets keep it going..

We begin Mile 3 on a small country road and I pick up the pace a small bit, I am now running with just one other dude as the other guy has dropped back. Just then 2 guys go past and I don`t have the energy/mental strength to respond. I am thinking about the big hill on the last half mile and I get ready to at least hold my current position or try to gain a place or 2.
(I am proud of the fact that I habitually gain at least a place or 2 on the finish and if I do lose a place I am usually well pissed off)

I am now racing alone with 2 guys 5 meters ahead as we go downhill and turn a sharp left facing the finish hill - about 3 mins of racing left.
The fear of being passed again spurs me on and I am gaining on the guy in front, Half way up the hill I draw level and I keep pushing and go past the guy ("got you back for passing me earlier you langer").
I keep it going to the finish line and am happy with my last mile - I hit the clock in 18.42 - 7 seconds faster that last week....

Looks like a slow Mile 2 really cost me - I gotta push harder on this mile next time and then try to hang on for Mile 3.
Happy enough as its a hilly 5k and these races should bring me on a bit.

Tuesday, August 3

Carrigtwohill 5k Race 28th July 2010

I took my place on the line at this 5k not sure what to expect.
My last 5k was back in Feb/March but I was determined to "have a go" at
setting a fast time. I calculated that 3 miles @ 5.40 or 5/45 pace would get me to my target of sub 18 for a 5k. Wishful thinking..

I took a warm up lap of about 2 miles and was doing a slow jog - i did`nt feel like I was full of energy but after a few strides I was feeling good to go. We took off fast and I went out fairly hard as we met a small hill and then levelled out a bit. A few passed me and I let them go as I felt like I was racing well hard enough. A few more turns and I hit the 1 mile marker in 5.44.
We then ran up a sharp but short hill and then a slight downhill section.
I was`nt feeling great and I realised this would be hard work.
Another 1 or 2 passed me and I joined a guy from Cork Tri Club who was pacing similar to me. A few more ups and downs and we hit the 2 mile mark 12.00. oh oh - that was a slow mile ! I am doing all I can to sustain the pace so I decide to sit it out and try to gain a few places in a fast finish.
About half a mile to go we get passed bu a guy sprinting by as if the line is just around the corner - my goal is now to beat the Cork Tri Guy to the finish and we both increase the pace a bit. I had forgotten how painful the 5k can be..I know from my warm up that the finish line is about 300 metres away so I kick for home hoping I can maintain it buddy goes with me but I hold him off and I am gaining on the dude that passed me with 1/2 mile to go. The line comes in time for him and I am glad to see it too.
Finish time 18.49 - not too bad for a hilly course I suppose..but a long way from 18.00.