Sunday, December 12

More Training Required

It hurts to go up and down the stairs today. Body has improved
over the day and I will have a recovery run tomorrow hopefully.
I was at the startline of the Clonakilty Half Marathon on Saturday
morning and I had a target time of 1hr.30 in my head.

Preparation had been poor for my first half marathon, I have only been
ticking over with 5/6 mile runs since the summer and my longest run
in the past month was 10 miles.I realise now that more effort and discipline is required if I want to hit good times.
(Several pints on Thursday night in town was not a good idea)

Having said all that It was my first half marathon and I worked my
ass off on a hilly course so I am happy with my effort,and strategy.

I planned to start out steady for the first 5 miles and to do a
faster second 5 miles that would give me a chance to kick
on the home stretch back into Clonakilty Town.
The plan went ok, I stayed back and the first few miles were 7.20,
7.15,7.20 approx. (cheap digital watch only allows 8 lap times!)

I was lobbing along nicely and I kicked on bit as we got towards Inchydoney and the hilly section. Some of the front runners were coming back to me on the hills and I picked up the pace a bit.
5 mile split was 36.16.
Next 5 miles were steady and I ended up running with a guy who had
been in the NY Marathon last month. We gained on another 2 runners who
stuck with us and now we had a group of 4.

Not having a GPS Watch I was guessing that I was still a fair bit
behind my goal of 1.30 so I said "bollox to it" on one of the downhills and I flew recklessely down dropping the other 3 and passing 1 or 2
more. I hit another uphill section and I again tae advantage of the fast downhill and I am now on a small flat boreen finally feeling like I am racing and glad to be running on my own for a while.

I pass the 10 mile marker in 71mins 20seconds.
I catch another 2 runners but I can hear that they are hanging on
only a few paces behind.
We cross the causeway and are finally heading back into Clonakilty with only 2 miles left. This waswhere I planned to kick on but my stamina is not there and calves and hammers are tightening up.
The 2 guys pass me and I hang on and concentrate on just trying to
keep as close as I can to them.

My Marathon experience in Cork helps me and I decide to focus on
working hard to get home in a decent time - I set mini targets of
getting to the next corner, only 3 more bends left and
I am there etc,etc.

Mile 12 at 1.25.
The last mile is painful but I stick at it and getting to the finish
line is a very good feeling.
Finish Time is 1hr.33mins.

Well done to all the Full and Half Marathon Runners, It was a great
course and a very well run event in Clonakilty.

Monday, November 8

Clonakilty News

The past few months have been busy,but not on the running front
unfortunately.Work on our New-Build near Clonakilty started back
in July and we are making good progress.
Roof is on and windows and doors are almost all in.I have learnt a
lot in the past months on a range of building conumdrums such as:
Mortar Snots,Cold-Bridging,Curtain Walling,Thermal Mass,DPC etc,etc,
etc. Luckily we went with a Contractor but the time to make big decisions
is nigh and we are busy,my wife and I are trying to reach consensus
on big stuff like 'pendant lighting',gloss or shaker style kitchen cabinets and the best laminate floors per sq yard.
I also started a new job with BIM in Clonakilty so I am a busy lad
for a while..
On the running front I am ticking over at 20 - 30 easy miles
per week.I am going to enter the Clonakilty half - marathon so I have
a month to get my training up a gear and see what I can achieve.
It will be my first half-marathon so a PB is already in the bag!

Incidentally I was chatting to one of the orgainsers of the Clon
(Waterfront) Marathon and entries are going very well..
I think he has over 100 entries already for the full Marathon
and about 140 for the half-marathon. This is really good for a new
event and hopefully it will be a well organised set of races that may
kick start a Running Club in Clonakilty.

Any advice on a "sensible" pace/target for the half marathon ??
1.25 - 1.30 I think would be a good target...

Thursday, September 2

Charity GAA Match

After two great weeks in France and Spain I have a few pounds to
run off and I must get into some structured training soon.

Mon and Tues went ok with 6mile tempo runs and
last night the CSO has a charity GAA match - Over 30s v Under 30s in
Blackrock GAA Club and it was great crack.
You need a different kind of fitness for GAA but I was still going well at the finish although the ground was like concrete and my old boots has studs that were too big..
The result is that I have "skinned" both my heels and I have a few blisters on my feet.

Unfortunately the under 30's beat us by 2 points but we did ok..
Another few days off I reckon and a chance to sample some of that wine we brought back from hols!

Thursday, August 5

Another 5k - Novartis 5k Race Ringaskiddy . 4th Aug.

Athough I am on the running scene for over 3 years now I still have a bit to learn on racing strategy and pacing etc. This 5k went a little better than last week`s and I was fairly happy - though the 2nd mile split was again poor. Maybe I am going off too fast..

Anyways this was my first time on the start line at the Novartis 5k in Ringaskiddy so I did a 2 mile warm up followed by some stretches and then some 3/4 sprints. I went from the finish line out to the 2 mile mark and back so I could see for myself the hill at the finish and where I should kick for home.

Off we go and I set off like a half scalded cat in the top 20 or so.
The field thins out and I end up running alongside some tall,
unstylish dude whose elbows are all over the place. There is a group
of 4 a few metres ahead so I push a bit more and I tag onto this group.
We pass the first mile in 5.40 (slightly downhill).

We are now racing uphill past the Pfizer Plant and this will continue untill we turn left to head for Shanagarry.
2 Runners come past but I say where I am as I am working hard - I
guess that if I stick with this group of 3 (one guy drops back - breathing hard) I will get over the uphill mile and can really push the last mile.
We turn left and hit the 2 mile marker in 12.00.
This comes as a shock to me - I guessed it would be 11.40 ish..
The group of 3 I was racing with were not going as fast as I thought, I should have pushed on harder..still I am racing well and I feel better that last week so lets keep it going..

We begin Mile 3 on a small country road and I pick up the pace a small bit, I am now running with just one other dude as the other guy has dropped back. Just then 2 guys go past and I don`t have the energy/mental strength to respond. I am thinking about the big hill on the last half mile and I get ready to at least hold my current position or try to gain a place or 2.
(I am proud of the fact that I habitually gain at least a place or 2 on the finish and if I do lose a place I am usually well pissed off)

I am now racing alone with 2 guys 5 meters ahead as we go downhill and turn a sharp left facing the finish hill - about 3 mins of racing left.
The fear of being passed again spurs me on and I am gaining on the guy in front, Half way up the hill I draw level and I keep pushing and go past the guy ("got you back for passing me earlier you langer").
I keep it going to the finish line and am happy with my last mile - I hit the clock in 18.42 - 7 seconds faster that last week....

Looks like a slow Mile 2 really cost me - I gotta push harder on this mile next time and then try to hang on for Mile 3.
Happy enough as its a hilly 5k and these races should bring me on a bit.

Tuesday, August 3

Carrigtwohill 5k Race 28th July 2010

I took my place on the line at this 5k not sure what to expect.
My last 5k was back in Feb/March but I was determined to "have a go" at
setting a fast time. I calculated that 3 miles @ 5.40 or 5/45 pace would get me to my target of sub 18 for a 5k. Wishful thinking..

I took a warm up lap of about 2 miles and was doing a slow jog - i did`nt feel like I was full of energy but after a few strides I was feeling good to go. We took off fast and I went out fairly hard as we met a small hill and then levelled out a bit. A few passed me and I let them go as I felt like I was racing well hard enough. A few more turns and I hit the 1 mile marker in 5.44.
We then ran up a sharp but short hill and then a slight downhill section.
I was`nt feeling great and I realised this would be hard work.
Another 1 or 2 passed me and I joined a guy from Cork Tri Club who was pacing similar to me. A few more ups and downs and we hit the 2 mile mark 12.00. oh oh - that was a slow mile ! I am doing all I can to sustain the pace so I decide to sit it out and try to gain a few places in a fast finish.
About half a mile to go we get passed bu a guy sprinting by as if the line is just around the corner - my goal is now to beat the Cork Tri Guy to the finish and we both increase the pace a bit. I had forgotten how painful the 5k can be..I know from my warm up that the finish line is about 300 metres away so I kick for home hoping I can maintain it buddy goes with me but I hold him off and I am gaining on the dude that passed me with 1/2 mile to go. The line comes in time for him and I am glad to see it too.
Finish time 18.49 - not too bad for a hilly course I suppose..but a long way from 18.00.

Thursday, July 22

Training Update

I have been doing fairly easy training for the past 4 weeks and I have not
really tested myself apart from a few hilly tempo runs around Rochestown and Raffeen.
We started building on our site near Clonakilty 4 weeks ago so we have been busy sorting out paperwork mostly (we appointed a contractor so,apart from several decisions we must make along the way it should be fairly stress free)
I seem to have a bit more speed and I feel strong running uphill which is probably a gain from my marathon training.
I ventured down to Clonakilty a few weeks ago and entered a 10k in Ballinascarthy (Fri 2nd July) - a nearby village which does`nt hold fond memories for me..
(This was the dreadful venue we were dragged off to as kids for Irish Dancing classes) It was interesting being back in Bal during festival week - the Hurdy Gurdys/Merries seemed not to have changed in 20 years!
The race was a very hilly 10 k and I took off with the club runners and settled into about 6.20 mile pace. I was passed by a few and I passed one or 2 but I did`nt feel fantastic so , if truth be told I did`nt kill myself. Without a watch I decided that I should target 40 mins and I would hold my race position which was,I guessed in the top 10.
I pushed on and felt a bit better as the race went on. My parents made the 3 mile trip from home and it was nice to see them at the finish. The locals gave us a great reception - fair play.
I crossed the line in 8th position - time 40.49-not too bad on my "comeback" race on a very hilly circuit.
We were then off to the fantastic new GAA Grounds in Clonakilty for a 50th Birthday Party where I ate a huge plate of BBQ and washed it down with several pints of Carlsberg - Great recovery fuel!

Since Ballinascarthy I have been ticking over in the training - I will
start doing a bit more soon as I want to race some 5k and 10k races before the summer is out.
Nothing like the buzz (and pain) you get from racing..
I have been playing a fair bit of golf and progress is good here too - golf handicap is down to 13.
My real target for the next few weeks is to hit a new PB in 5k and 5 mile races.

Sunday, June 13

Cork City Marathon Report

Mixed Emotions and a fair bit of pain after my first marathon on Monday last.
I am still trying to work it all out and today I am able
to walk with only a little pain and stiffness.
The last few days were painful - from my feet to shoulders , all muscles seemed to be complaining about the stress placed upon them.

Up until Monday last my longest race was a 10k and I was`nt sure if I had what was required to race a marathon, but, now that I have done it the satisfaction is huge.

As I managed to pick up injuries from racing hard in the past I did'nt race since the XC back in November. I had planned a half marathon or 10 mile but or one reason for another I did`nt make them..I find it hard to pay 20 to 50 Euros to enter a race unless I am going flat out /full effort. If not, I`ll just go training..

So,the Race..

I had decided to go with John D and the 3.15 pacing group and the plan was to basically see how it panned out and kick on at mile 20 if I felt strong.So, my time goal was anywhere between 3.09 and 3.20.

We started behind a lot of runners (mostly relay runners) so once we passed through the starting mat there was a lot of bobbing and weaving.
The pace seemed a bit quick - maybe John is trying to get a cushion already?? Message to self - "First few miles are always a bit difficult
till you find your rythmn".We had some open road now and our group of about 14 was going along nicely.
First 5 miles we were on target with a 30 second cushion. The next 5 miles were into the weather but I felt ok and we had a good bunch of
runners,and we shared a chat and a good laugh at times.In and out of JL Tunnel and heading for my local routes around blackrock and mahon.
Just after the sliproad I was looking for Fiona near Mahon (she was to be there with a banana) but I could`nt see her anywhere.
I wanted to offload my sunglasses as well and did`nt want them in my side pocket for 26 miles..I kept them on for the first 5 miles and figured they would help me in the wind but the rain was a pain in the hole!
No sign of Fiona, I shrugged and took my first Gel,reckon she slept in..

I am feeling ok at this point in the race but I have absolutely realised that it would have been foolhardy to go off any quicker, already I am reckoning that to finish with the 3.15 balloon will take all I can give to this race. After Blackrock Castle we are into the wind and rain and I
know the halfway point is not far away.I am at the front of the Group with John D - feeling good - laughing into the face of the storm. We turn back towards the city and go through 13 miles in 1.37 - on pace.
We are on the old railway line now and as we pass Blackrock Station I spot
Fiona and her sister Sinead. I grab the banana and throw her my sunglasses - Sinead has a Gel for me but I miss it - I have 2 more on me anyways..

Around the 14 mile mark I start to feel my right calf a bit, I don`t
like the tightness and I try to get my left leg to do a bit more work and give my right a break. The pace seems a bit quick now - probably just a bad patch I tell myself.Just stick with the Balloon at all costs - don`t get isolated - stick with the balloon.
I run through the "bad patch" and I am so close to the balloon
it is constantly smacking me in the head! We have a good bunch of about 12 guys and 1 gal and I get chatting to a few. The camaraderie is great and a good distraction form any negative thoughts. We share water and food.
One runner (a Boardsie who goes by the name DustyBin)
re-joins our group.He had to take a pit stop and is relieved to be back with us - he tells me he had to run at 10k pace for 2 and 1/2 miles to catch up. Fair play to him. I tell him I am feeling tight but not too bad.

Next few miles are bit of a slog but I have told myself to get to Mile 20
and it`s only a 10k left. At mile 19 I know I am in a bit of bother - I am worried the calf could seize up and I donno if I should stop and stretch or keep plugging away. Both Hamstrings are also getting tight. I relax,check my breathing (it`s ok) and just tell myself to dig in ..
It`s a Marathon after all and it is proving to be Tough !
I spot Fiona and Sinead at a bus stop.."HI.."

We get to Mile 20 and my next target is the County Hall - I am sure that if I can get that far then the final few miles to the finish I will be helped along by the crowd.

I remember a tough mile uphill on the Model Farm Road, I am suffering now and I drink water,energy drinks,I take a gel..anything that may help.
Body is sore and stupid negative thoughts are coming in.."Bollax to it - Don`t lose that fuckin Balloon". We go downhill and onto the Straight Road,In the mist and rain I can just make out the county hall. I am just behind John D and his balloon. Our group is down to 7 or 8 - some are gone ahead and a few have dropped back.I am struggling now and running v low on energy, body is cramping up.."stop and stretch?? c`mon - get to the county hall".

I am hangin on but slowly the 3.15 Balloon slips away,I am feeling a bit woozy really tightening up - before I know it I am stopped to stretch it out.I get going again and pass mile 24 and head for town.
My pace had dropped to I am guessing 9 min pace and I am pissed off to be passed (mostly by relay runners).I up the pace a bit and catch up with another marathoner and run with him for a half mile
but I can`t maintain it and have to stop again and stretch.
Another stretch and I jog on. I am getting great encouragement from the crowd and as I turn for Patrick Street the race announcer is calling out my name on the tannoy - cool !
Bless myself and Cross the line in 3.22.37. Our pacer John Desmond is there to congratulate me - fair play to the man. I make it to the massage tent and get a big hug from Fiona and Sinead.

I am tired and emotional,proud,disapointed,happy and in pain.
I try to keep moving and we head back towards my car - cramps come and next thing i know I am on the ground screaming in pain. John Quigley comes to my rescue and stretches the legs for me - thanks John !
The Marathon is truly a big test of mind and body,those 30 seconds I spent
crying into my towel at the finish are testament to that!

The 2 days after the marathon were fairly painful - a massage helped and
now almost a week on I am feeling good again, ready to race again in a few weeks hopefully.

Friday, May 21

Just over 2 weeks to my First Marathon

Well, I am starting to get the butterflies already and
it`s over 2 weeks away. I completed a solid 8min mile 22
mile long run 2 weeks ago but last weeks final long run of 20
miles did`nt happen as I caught a cold.Maybe I was pushing myself
a bit too much.
Anyways my last hard workout at the track was last night and
although I game myself a bit more recover time between intervals
mainly due to the heat (and the fact that I am still recoving from
that cold)
The session was:

4 * 1 mile at 6.20 pace
2 * 800 metres at 3.00

Felt tough but that is par for the course for these speed
sessions but I can bank that one and hopefully it will help me
in a few weeks.

The only trepidation I have on the big race is the unknowns :
What pace can I hold for 26.2 miles ?
How much will I suffer ?
What pace should I go out at ?
What finish time can I achieve?

It is hard to guess accurately as I have`nt raced a
half marathon/or a 10 miler in the build up to the marathon.
My plan was to target breaking the magic 3hr mark but I have
now decided to aim for between 3.07 and 3.15 as I don`t want to
go off at 7 min pace and blow up in the second half.
As this is my first effort I am going to be a bit cautious
- for once !
I can aim to break the 3 hr mark if I decide to do another one ..

So,my plan is to go out with the 3hr 15 pacing group, settle
into the race and take it from there.
Depending on the conditions and how I am feeling I may kick on
after 10 or 13 miles.
I may stay with the pacing group till the 20 mile mark and then
try to "race" the final 10 k home.
Whatever happens it should be a blast and i am looking forward to the challenge.
Just give me 2 more injury free weeks and a cloudy race day
and i`ll be happy..

Wednesday, April 21

At last I am Marathon Training

Dudes, a quick update..

I have finally moved from the comfort of the shorter races
- my bread and butter
over the past 2 years. Now that I have had nearly a year
injury free I have taken the opportunity to have a go at
the Marathon. I am entering the Cork Marathon boye!

So, I am about half way through the runners world advanced
program I got online
and I have been doing ok at the training - but some of it
is tough.
I am training on the target of marathon Pace of 7 min /miles.

I reckon a realistic target would be between 3hrs and 3.20 but
I really don`t know yet..
Training is 5 days a week and the long run last week was 20 miles
- new territory for went ok , one or 2 hard miles but things
picked up again and I finished at 8.15 in mile average.
Average weekly mileage is now around 45-50 miles
It is the Tuesday/Thursday speed/interval/tempo runs that are really
tough, a typical Thursday is :
3 miles at 7min pace
4-6 800s at 3.10 min
3 miles at 6.35 pace

Achilles flares up now and again but hopefully I have it under control.
Fair play to the Connemara Ultras - impressive stuff!
Good luck on the comeback jogs Bricey,
I will update soon on my targets if I ever decide on instinct is
to maybe target 3.15/3.20 and push hard if I am feeling ok

Monday, February 22

At Last a PB

Last weeks XC took a bit out of me. A 10 mile slow run on Wed helped
me recover but my right achilles flared up a little so I took it easy
for the rest of the week.
On Saturday I had a long days work in Limerick so I treated myself to
homemade chicken and chips (and salad) on Sat night - washed down with
a few beers. I had half an eye on the 5k Bhaa Road Race Sunday morning
in Mahon.
In 2008 this was my first race after moving back to Cork from Dublin
so it would be very interesting to see what improvements I could make.
(2 years ago I finished in 18.50)

I drove down to Hartys Quay on Sunday morning and jogged over to
skehard road and down to register in Mahon. Felt ok on the warm up
and it was a nice sunny, crisp morning. A few strides near the start
line and I was ready to go.
Like last week I took off fast but got into my running fairly quickly
and I found a spot 15 or 20 runners back from the leaders.
I was joined by a guy in white and we were running shoulder to shoulder
for most of the first mile.
Mile 1 in 5.50.

2 or 3 more guys came up on us and tried to pass but myself and the guy
in white stuck with them and were now motoring along in a group of 5.
As we turned right into the wind I stuck in behind 2 of them and caught
my breath. We were really racing and although I was`nt sure if I could
maintain the pace I was kinda enjoying it.
Once or twice a few of them pulled a few yards ahead but I kept
cool and quickened my leg turnover and I stuck with them.
Mile 2 in 5.55.

We were reeling in a few runners who had gone out too quick and were
now isolated and this was a good morale boost. Casual walkers seemed a
bit freaked out as the five of us were flying through the turns on the
public walkway.
I am starting to feel the pace now though and the group gets a few
strides ahead of me.
I dig in as I know from last week what a lonely place it is on your own
for the last mile. We turn and climb and cross over the motorway bridge in
single file..It is a straight finish of 600 yards and I have the 4 guys a few
paces ahead and there are 2 more about 10 metres further ahead.
I do my usual call " cmon, fast finish now " because If I could finish fast
there are 5 or 6 places there for the taking..
The fast finish is not there though - it looks like the quick pace has
scuppered that one for me and now it's a case of hanging on and not
getting passed!
I put in a small burst with 50 left and I am well safe from behind,
I close a bit on the guys ahead but I am never going to get there.

Under the clock in 18.17.
average pace/mile 5.53.

A PB beating the 2008 time by 33 seconds!

I am wrecked but very pleased to keep the pace under 6 min miles
as this is a lot harder than the mile intervals I have been doing in training.
My race was a steady pace and despite the painful finish it was a great
buzz as our group seemed to be flying along.

Tuesday, February 16

Red-Lining. Race Report 5k XC Blackrock Sunday 14

I decided the Bantry 10 miler was too long a drive so I went in the local
BHAA XCountry 5k. It was almost 2 years since my last 5k on the roads
where I ran 18.50 and I figured I was in much better shape now.
Halfway through this one I was`nt so sure...

Got there nice an early and had a warm up on the road before I put
on the spikes and tried to figure out the course.It was basically 3
and a bit laps around the park with a few downhills,lots of turns
and a big climb about halfway round.
My plan was to get out of the traps fairly quickly and get a good position.
Steady for 2 laps and finish fast - easy!

The gun went and I took off up the hill like a scalded cat - into the first
turn on the shoulder of a runner in white. There is a bit of argy bargy
and I clip him on the next turn. No quarter given here..
Fuck - this is new territory for me - in the leading dozen. Pace is fast.
A guy comes up from behind on the climb and I close the door - showing
him the outside line. This is fun, but I am working hard.One guy drops a
bit and I move past, then a fast guy goes past.Into the second lap and
there are 3 or 4 hot on my heels - I maintain the fast pace for another
few minutes but I realise I am red-lining it and I cannot see myself holding
this speed.
Sinking feeling sets in as the 2 or 3 guys on my heels go past. "Just keep
it together - you are on a good run here" This is new territory - most of
the runners around me are getting lots of support and I realise I have gone
off too quick. Still, I get past the second lap ok and I push on for the third.
I am feeling it now and I know the long climb will cause me problems.
On the climb another guy goes past- I cannot respond - breathing hard -
trying to keep it together and I can`t wait for the finish line.
I am losing contact with the guy in front and the crowd are encouraging
the runner behind me. "Come on Niamh you are first lady".
Shit - I am going to get chicked - second last bend she breezes past,
last turn and a hilly run to the line. I sneak a look over my shoulder as
some guy is encouraging the runner behind - he can probably tell I am struggling..Fuck this - no more!
I find some power and my injection of pace just keeps him at bay.
I recover on the water trailer and congratulate a few guys - and the chick.

So, I am not as fast as I thought - I got my pace all wrong as I was
drawn into an early scrap with the runner in white.I ran 2 fast laps and
1 not so fast where several passed me..but what the hell,It was good
experience and was fun trying to stay up with the fast guys for a change.
My right lung/ribs are sore and I hurt my ankle when I landed on a tree
root, but that was a good buzz and I hit a good time I think.(in my
distress I forget to stop my watch), but I recognised a few runners finish
a bit after me who I would usually be competing with so that is a good

I need to do more speedwork before the next one.


Finished 19th
Time 19.21
Avg Pace 6.14

Friday, January 29


This week I have put in more effort and I am pleased with
the results.I am getting into work at 8am so I can leave
at 4pm, and with the evenings a bit longer, and the weather
a bit warmer running is good again.
Sunday was an easy 8 miles at 8min pace,Monday 5.5 miles
at 7min pace, Tuesday I got in a 12 mile hilly loop at
7min mile average - this was a good workout and I even
managed to put in a fast mile from miles 10 to 11 (6.20 pace).
Last evening I had the dreaded mile intervals planned so
I was at Hartys Quay at 4.30 and I has a straight mile
mapped out on the new pathway from Hop Island to Passage.
The plan was 4 * 1 mile intervals at 6min miles.
It was strange not being at the track and I had to guess
the pace as at the track the laps help with a consistent pace.
Mile 1 was downwind and I reached the marker in 5.58.
Mile 2 was back into the wind so I put in more effort - 5.46.
That was a bit quick and I donno if I can do 2 more,a few
minutes recovery and I go again - 5.46 again ! - felt a bit
better after this one.
Mile 4 was back into the wind I hit 6.03 .
I have to be happy that the speed is still there anyways
- I am surprised at the 5.46 though - so I can treat myself
to a few beers and a few steaks over the weekend as I am
best man for Mike who is getting married in Bantry on Saturday.

Monday, January 25

Press Ups

I can`t believe it is almost 6 months since my last road race - a 10k in Courtmacsherry.
I badly need to get back racing to see where I am at fitness and speed wise.
At least I got 2 decent XC races in the last few months and I have kept my fitness ticking over.
I did a 13 mile loop around rafeen,passage and carrigaline last sunday and it went ok at steady 8 min miles. My plan was to run this weekend`s 4 mile race but I injured my lower back on Tuesday doing press-ups and sit-ups and I had to crawl up the stairs on all fours Tuesday night! Fiona was not too impressed, and when I explained I was on press-up number 192 when I felt a twinge in the lower back she threw her eyes to heaven.
So a few days of ICE and Deep Heat seems to have done the trick and I got out yesterday for 7 easy miles.I will not be going back to the press ups though - using proper equipment in the gymn is probably the smarter option.

So my new target race is the Bantry 10 Mile road race, West Cork on Sun 14th Feb.
It will be my first ever 10 mile race so I will have to get in some proper speed work at the track in the next few weeks.I am not sure how to approach the race, maybe a steady first 5 miles and try to kick on for the 2nd 5 miles if I feel ok..
what do you reckon Bricey? you ran some cracking 10 milers last year.

It sounds like a scenic course so it should be a good one.
Time to start putting in some serious work now.

Tuesday, January 5

Targets for 2010

For Nov/December I averaged around 30 to 35 miles per week with the odd long run of between 12 and 16 miles and some good steady 5 to 10 mile hilly runs around Rochestown,Carrigaline and Monkstown.Mostly I was aiming for some fast 5 mile races over the x-mas (which were cancelled due to the weather).I was hoping to try to break 30 mins for the BANDON 5 as i hit 30.50 last year so hopefully I'll get the chance at some stage in the Spring.The main thing I am happy with is that I have been injury free for 6 months now,and although I am not doing high mileage I am fairly happy with my fitness.
I reckon this is the year for me to finally tackle a marathon,donno which one yet but I might try for a European Marathon like Valencia (Feb 21st),Barcelona (March 7th), or Madrid (April 25th) but,if getting there is too much hassle I will wait for Limerick or Cork.I guess I should find a good online training program to follow as well...any recommendations ??
So,for now I plan to stay fit and tackle some 5 mile/10k/10 mile races over the next few months and increase the weekend long runs towards 20 miles.
After Grellan`s amazing 33 miles I should not complain about targeting 20 miles!

Hope all ye Runners have an injury free 2010.