Monday, November 8

Clonakilty News

The past few months have been busy,but not on the running front
unfortunately.Work on our New-Build near Clonakilty started back
in July and we are making good progress.
Roof is on and windows and doors are almost all in.I have learnt a
lot in the past months on a range of building conumdrums such as:
Mortar Snots,Cold-Bridging,Curtain Walling,Thermal Mass,DPC etc,etc,
etc. Luckily we went with a Contractor but the time to make big decisions
is nigh and we are busy,my wife and I are trying to reach consensus
on big stuff like 'pendant lighting',gloss or shaker style kitchen cabinets and the best laminate floors per sq yard.
I also started a new job with BIM in Clonakilty so I am a busy lad
for a while..
On the running front I am ticking over at 20 - 30 easy miles
per week.I am going to enter the Clonakilty half - marathon so I have
a month to get my training up a gear and see what I can achieve.
It will be my first half-marathon so a PB is already in the bag!

Incidentally I was chatting to one of the orgainsers of the Clon
(Waterfront) Marathon and entries are going very well..
I think he has over 100 entries already for the full Marathon
and about 140 for the half-marathon. This is really good for a new
event and hopefully it will be a well organised set of races that may
kick start a Running Club in Clonakilty.

Any advice on a "sensible" pace/target for the half marathon ??
1.25 - 1.30 I think would be a good target...