Monday, July 4

Ballinascarthy 10k - 40.52

This was the second running of the Ballinascarthy 10k and
had an entry of 220 runners.
After my 'comeback' race in Dunmanway I felt better prepared for
this one and I was looking forward to a decent run.

Well, I raced better and my pace was more consistent, I did'nt suffer
as much and I finished fast, mainly due to 2 guys chasing me over the
last 500 metres.

This course was hilly but maybe not as bad as last week so I
am happy enough with my time of 40.52.
Give me a flat course and some more training and I should hopefully get
back under the 40 mins.
Approx mile splits were: 6.30,7.00,6.45,6.30,6,40,6.00

The last mile was net downhill so I held a bit for the last hill and I
set sail for home - finishing better than 2 weeks ago and I came out of the
race feeling not so beat up!
I reckon a race every 2 weeks would be a great way to gain/keep speed
in the legs.
Unfortunately 3 Over 40s were quicker than me so no pocket money yet..
but I did reverse placings with one or two local runners from the Dunmanway
Race so that is a good positive.