Wednesday, April 6

I have hit the big 4O

Well, I hit the big 4O a few weeks ago and we celebrated it well.
All things considered I was fairly happy as now I have a prize
category to aim for when I get off my ass and go racing again.
My last race was the Clon half Marathon back in December,
so I am hoping to get out in the next few weeks and try to
get some race fitness built up.
After the Cork Marathon last June I kinda decided shorter races were
more fun so I`m sticking to that for now..

Our house build is progressing well and we should be moving down in
a few weeks hopefully - no major dramas and save for some minor 'design'
quarrels between Fiona and myself we are very happy with it,
I just have to avoid conversations on curtains and colours and material and stuff and I will be ok.

On the running front I am ticking over at only 20 or 30 miles
per week and I have no time to get to the track for speedwork.
A few hilly runs of 11/12 miles recently at 7.30 pace have
given me some confidence (and sore hammers) so I am not in bad shape.
I will find out more in a week or 2 when I go racing!