Thursday, November 26

Lambs Liver

Last week was an easy running week -Total of 20 miles- as I allowed my spained ankle time to heal.
This week I`ve cranked it up a notch with 5/6 mile hilly runs on local roads on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wednesday was a 6mile Hilly Loop around Rochestown/Rafeen at 7 min/mile average.
I will get in a long run of 10 - 15 miles on Saturday and will try to keep this a weekly event.So my weekly total should hit about 35 miles.

As my Iron Levels were slightly low in my last Blood Tests - probably due to the Leptospirosis/Weil's Disease I got back in April whitewater rafting on Honeymoon in Borneo.(The rumours of Fiona pushing me in are absolutely untrue - the fact that a paddle was on my head as I tried to come up for air was just bad luck!)

So,Iron is important for athletes,and low Iron is fairly common in athletes, due to loss in sweat,foot striking damaging blood cells and poor diet.My Doc tells me Elite Athletes are prone to taking illegal Iron supplements to Boost VO2 Max.
For me the Answer is to eat more Red Meat,Liver,Beans,Orange Juice and to cut down on my 4 or 5 daily expressos which reduce Iron Absorption from the food.

Lambs Liver does'nt taste so good but it is really cheap! You get about a kilo for
E 4.00 . I`ve been trying out different recipes,like breading the liver and frying,mixing with chillies and garlic etc.Last meal I cut the liver in strips and stir fried it with butter,mushrooms,garlic and brandy - not bad actually.
Chicken Liver is a bit more tasty,but it is high in cholesterol so I better not eat a kilo of that ..

Wednesday, November 18

Cork Intermediate and Masters X Country Bandon

Sunday last was my second XC of the year and conditions were a lot tougher than my first. Recent heavy rain and a hilly course with plenty of evidence of cows and deep mud and stones at gaps led to a tough run.
On a short warmup the omens were bad - deep water and mud,stones in a few stretches but some of the hilly fields were fine. The distance was to be 7k.
Lingering around the start line I heard a shout,"3mins to start" and the adrenaline kicked in.
My plan was to get decent ground on the inside and stay in the top third of the field early on.
Off we go,and after the first hill I feel a bit wrecked (already?) - then a downhill and after a crazy sharp turn I find my rythm and focus on the guy in front.
The hills are really taking it out of me but I relax and remember to keep a steady pace and if I have anything left on the final lap I will go for it.I can see the leaders a field or two ahead and I reckon I am in the top 30.. Second lap goes ok and I pass the guy in front and close on 2 more guys, I go by another but the second fella (Grange Fermoy) follows me and goes past again..he is stubborn so I decide to run with him and we keep each other company till the final lap. On a sharp turn I twist my ankle and the jolt of pain seems to wake me up a bit! I decide to accelerate on the hilly stretch and I drop Grange Fermoy and I catch another.
This effort takes its toll so I lower my hands/arms, convince myself I am feeling ok and take some big lungfulls of air. We are on the last half lap now and I see two more runners about 20 yards ahead,I kinda think "good luck to them - they deserve it cause I am almost all out here", then I notice one of them is slowing.. and I decide I may do it if I can take a bit more pain, another reason is I don`t want to be caught by anyone behind. I take a quick look over my shoulder on one of the turns and I am 10,15 yards clear of danger. I get a decent rythm going, come on-fast finish now! I catch the guy in front as he is slowing a bit and I am going ok, we go through the second last gap where I lap a runner (this is a first for me) and I see 2 more guys ahead. They are struggling through the watery section just before the turn for home. I go for it and splash past the two runners the last turn and a dry uphill run to the finish, this hurts but I am not slowing now.. I see the finish line and am very glad it is over. A few handshakes and I am on my knees getting air. That was tough but fantastic fun. It looks like I am the first runner home for my club. I see two more Eagle Runners finish not far behind me and I congratulate them.. Smiles all round as I hobble through a warmdown and head for the showers.
I meet Grange Fermoy and he shakes my hand "we had a mighty battle" he says, he obviously enjoyed it as much as me!