Monday, December 24

Clon mini-marathon and the safari trike

Got my first old man prize last week in the clonakilty 6mile race
2nd M40 with 39.22. happy enough with 6.33 average.last mile was my fastest so
room for improvement.

Some pics of junior (Oranie Robert) at 9 months to follow..

Thursday, August 2

Racing Again

Our annual local race the Shannonvale 10k was on last Friday July 2oth so I was at the start line for my first race of 2012. I have been running 3/4 times a week for the last few months but mileage is low - 20 miles a week maybe. It seems like ages ago when I was spinning out long runs of 13 miles +. Hopefully I will get back near that level again but for now it's good to keep what fitness I have and enjoy my 3 or 4 weekly runs. (Most of these are at work during lunchtime around blackrock/mahon) Anyways ..the Race. I was mentally ready for a tough day at the office and it was tough going but it was great to be racing again. My goal was 40 to 41 mins and I went through the first km in 3.50, still on target pace for km2 but km 3 and 4 were slower. I settled into a pace of around 6.30 and was running alongside a Clonakilty Road Runner Guy as we were doing similar pace. 5k mark was reached in 20.40 and I realised I has a lot of work ahead of me. We gained on a few who went off a bit quick and kept the tempo going reeling in 3 more runners with 2 k left. Last km is downhill so I kicked on a bit and passed 2 more. last guy I passed with only 100yards left.. My last 2 km were at sub 4min/km pace so that was pleasing.. gotta work harder mid-race and I'll be better. Finished in 41.05 -P15- happy enough and should improve a bit if I can get another race in soon enough.

Wednesday, April 11

Fantastic News

2 weeks ago my local football team (Lyre Rovers) managed to win promotion
to Div 1 of West Cork League following a play-off v Rosscarbery.
1-1 after extra time it went to penalties and I was lucky enough to slot home the winning pen and secure victory and promotion for our up and coming football club. Great Day and great end to the season.

But..the Fantastic News came a week later at 10.47pm on Tues 27th March when Mum gave birth to Oran Robert O Sullivan.
Bit of a marathon session in the labour ward but Oran and Mum
did fantastic and the lad weighed in at a healthy 8lb 15oz.

Last few weeks have been a bit of a blur, a few 3 mile morning runs while Oran is feeding never felt so good..

Monday, October 3

Rosscarbery 5k Race Report

On Saturday afternoon I lined up in Rosscarbery Town Square
and the well known GAA Announcer Michael O Muircheartaigh
counted us down at the start line.
My casual training of late would get a good test and I was hoping to
get under 19 mins. (PB is 18.18 on a flat course)

Downhill start out of the village and we speed down towards the main
Clonakilty Road. Cross the causeway and turn left for 2 laps of the
lagoon to an uphill finish of about 600 metres.

I set off fast and have about 8 or 9 runners ahead of me.
Kilometre 1- 3.30
the road levels out and 3 guys go past me - I recognise 2 of em,
Joe O Sullivan from Bandon and Sean Allis form Clonakilty.
I have had a few battles with Allis this season over 2 10k races
and the score is 1-1.
I decide to let them go as I am happy with my pace - so I keep them
within striking distance and hatch a plan to maintain current speed and
go for a fast final kilometre.
K2 is slower and K3 is steady and I remember to hit the watch this time!

3k in 11.05

K4 is back around the lagoon and I am gaining on the Bandon Guy and Allis.
As I come up on the shoulder of the Bandon Guy he hitches a ride and we
cut a few corners to get a good racing line.

4th K 3.58

Approaching the 4k marker we catch Allis and I can hear him
just about hanging on at the back.

As we turn for the last kilometer I pick it up a small bit more and
the Bandon Runner tells me to go for it as he is all out..

I race on and manage to pull away from the 2 guys,I see one runner
in blue 20 or 30 yards ahead as we start the final climb but I cannot
gain on him so i dig in and climb reasonably well.

Back into the square with burning legs and cross the line in 18.59.
10th place, a good speed session and happy to (just) hit my target.

Tuesday, August 23

Shannonvale 10k

Friday night at Phairs Pub in Shannonvale only 2 miles from home
and I am lining up for another 10k.
I bump into Grellan at the start line and he tells me he is aiming for the 40 mins mark , and, so am I (again).
We start on a downhill past the pub and cross the River Argideen,
heading uphill we crest and level off for the first few kilometres.
I am running alongside Grellan and this helps me to dig in and
maintain a good pace.
A tough hill meets us after 2 miles and I push on a bit as Grellan is
working hard. As we reach the top he catches up and I pick up speed again to stay with his pace as we speed along the next few km.

The route is on small grassy country roads and the sun is sneaking through the trees lighting up the puddles from the earlier showers.
I have no time to enjoy though as I am working hard to keep pace.

After 6 km Grellan increases the pace a bit and I am on my limits if
I don't want to blow up. By 7 k he moves ahead and I see him track and pass the guy ahead on a long straight.
I tell myself to keep a good stride and I get some regular breathing going again. I am running ok but not gaining on the guy ahead.
2 k to the finish and I can see we have a nice downhill run over the last mile so I can pick it up a bit again.
I cross the line in 40.47 - still no sub 40 , but I am happy enough
with the time and my consistency.
I must dig deeper and push harder through the pain and I will get there!

Monday, July 4

Ballinascarthy 10k - 40.52

This was the second running of the Ballinascarthy 10k and
had an entry of 220 runners.
After my 'comeback' race in Dunmanway I felt better prepared for
this one and I was looking forward to a decent run.

Well, I raced better and my pace was more consistent, I did'nt suffer
as much and I finished fast, mainly due to 2 guys chasing me over the
last 500 metres.

This course was hilly but maybe not as bad as last week so I
am happy enough with my time of 40.52.
Give me a flat course and some more training and I should hopefully get
back under the 40 mins.
Approx mile splits were: 6.30,7.00,6.45,6.30,6,40,6.00

The last mile was net downhill so I held a bit for the last hill and I
set sail for home - finishing better than 2 weeks ago and I came out of the
race feeling not so beat up!
I reckon a race every 2 weeks would be a great way to gain/keep speed
in the legs.
Unfortunately 3 Over 40s were quicker than me so no pocket money yet..
but I did reverse placings with one or two local runners from the Dunmanway
Race so that is a good positive.