Thursday, August 2

Racing Again

Our annual local race the Shannonvale 10k was on last Friday July 2oth so I was at the start line for my first race of 2012. I have been running 3/4 times a week for the last few months but mileage is low - 20 miles a week maybe. It seems like ages ago when I was spinning out long runs of 13 miles +. Hopefully I will get back near that level again but for now it's good to keep what fitness I have and enjoy my 3 or 4 weekly runs. (Most of these are at work during lunchtime around blackrock/mahon) Anyways ..the Race. I was mentally ready for a tough day at the office and it was tough going but it was great to be racing again. My goal was 40 to 41 mins and I went through the first km in 3.50, still on target pace for km2 but km 3 and 4 were slower. I settled into a pace of around 6.30 and was running alongside a Clonakilty Road Runner Guy as we were doing similar pace. 5k mark was reached in 20.40 and I realised I has a lot of work ahead of me. We gained on a few who went off a bit quick and kept the tempo going reeling in 3 more runners with 2 k left. Last km is downhill so I kicked on a bit and passed 2 more. last guy I passed with only 100yards left.. My last 2 km were at sub 4min/km pace so that was pleasing.. gotta work harder mid-race and I'll be better. Finished in 41.05 -P15- happy enough and should improve a bit if I can get another race in soon enough.


  1. Good running Diarmaid. I missed it this year. Those Clon Runner Guys are getting faster.